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Well hello there and WELCOME to my blog!! Who is this Ally chic?! Well let me tell you! I'm a fun loving servant of God out of Orange Coutny who is passionate about photography,love and memories: so much so that it's become my life! I love to travel, talking with people, living life, watching movies, eating mustard, experiencing others love, sharing some Chipotle time! I'm out of the OC but would be up for traveling anywhere to take some photos and make some memories! I'm so happy your reading this and I can't wait to get to meet you! :)

Monday, February 9

New Friend::Kristen Leigh... 1

So last week I had the fun opportunity to meet up with Miss.Kristen Leigh... a fellow photo diva who is out visiting Cali for a month from the beautiful east coast. I found her through the art of blogstalking ... who doesn't do it right! ;) ... and that's how I learned what a great and wonderful a photographer she is and how she has a large family that are super cute!! Having dinner with her was so encouraging and I loved every min of it! Wen talked about our photo life stories and how we are where we are. We talked over our faith, we talked guys, we talked passion and we talked ways to make things happen and what is to come... not to forget we talked WPPI and how much we are going to LOVE being there!

Kristen is staying up in Santa Clarita area and took the time to drive to meet in the beautiful city of Pasadena. We went to my favorite restaurants CHIPOTLE!! .... that, by the way, I love sharing with others so anytime peeps want to meet up at one.. I'm totally there!---side note: I don't normally eat Chipotle without someone there to share it with, unless it's just one of those really bad days and it's the only thing that can show a spec of blue in my sky..... I love it so much that I feel that I need to go with someone else or others so that the love can be shared and spread! (p.s. i think they need to start paying me for all the plugs..lol) side not over---Anyways.. back to my wonderful friend date with Kristen in Pasadena at Chipotle... After dinner and chatting up life, we busted out a camera and went to town! Seriously... how can photographers get together and not take any pics?! Seriously! :)

She was so excited to meet me :)

Once she got over meeting my.. she realized we were like same! What you see is the beginning of BF 4 eva eva

and eva eva eva... :)

Then is came time to test Kristen's bridal shot.. any critique? ;)

Her flowers were filled with a beautiful chill of diet coke

After Chipotles we headed down the road and to the left until we found some fun lights. As we were leaving my car I found what we shall call "our prop for the night". Bubbles! Needless to say... we took a lot of pics and had a great time!

and a last image to bring a smile to your face and hold you over till part 2 comes ... and yes there is a pat 2!!

we did more then play with bubbles.. come on now.. we know how to have fun! :)



willcoxphoto said...

Ally! Okay, I just love that song. Anyway, hey it was great to meet up with ya in Vegas this year. Good times! Love your work too, way to go girl!

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

well who doesn't love ally cat! love the bubbles! you two are too cute!

Matt said...

I love these shots! The processing is great. I dig that "old" look the photos have. :)