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Tuesday, August 3

::Abigail Elise Bryson:: in the house!

This is just a quick little post about my new love :: Abby. My wonderful and long time greatest friend Jen and her amazing hubby Drew had their first baby on Sat July 31st at 2:22pm (after a very long labor!!! High five Jen!) The are some of my favorite people in this world and they are going to make incredible parents! It was my joy to go visit and meet the Miss. Abby when she was less then a day old! 

This is the ever on time and fab Abigail Elise Bryson coming in at 7 lbs 9 oz. 
10 fingers, 10 toes, blonde hair and an adorable round face
*all photos with a camera phone*
This little chica bonita is a blessings beyond words. It's such a gift to have her here
This is Jen. She looks beautiful here with her daughter

Proud pops Drew. Let me tell you, this man knows how to swaddle a baby!
 He could win gold if it were a sport... and it was only hour 21 as dad!!

And last but not least : Auntie Ally and little Abalicious 
Seriously.... CUTEST BABY EVER!! 
I know my opinion is a TAD swayed ;) but really I can't wait to take more photos of her (besides these cute camera phone shots and pics taken off online seen here) and prove even more that she's a gem!

It truly is amazing how you can fall in love with something/one so fast, realize they are now in your life and this world forever, and trust that God will give the people in her life the right tools/words/patience/love to help her grow into the women He wants her to be. 
It's humbling to know you might play a part in that joy.

Congrats Jen and Drew! Love you guys and I'm so so so happy for you! Abigail is a lucky girl for sure!



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